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Profile oven for frying nuts Typhoon-2 Profi Turbo
  • Profile oven for frying nuts Typhoon-2 Profi Turbo
  • Profile oven for frying nuts Typhoon-2 Profi Turbo
  • Profile oven for frying nuts Typhoon-2 Profi Turbo

Profile oven for frying nuts Typhoon-2 Profi Turbo

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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Equipment for roasting seeds "Typhoon - 2" Profi Turbo Unique method

In profile furnaces "TAIFUN" frying takes place inside a cylindrical drum, from the bottom of which hot air is supplied at a given temperature. The product is intensively mixed - a boiling process takes place. This method allows you to achieve maximum uniformity when roasting sunflower seeds, provided that the temperature is 20 - 30 ° C lower than static. As a result, a more pronounced taste is achieved, trace elements are preserved and the formation of harmful carcinogens is reduced.

Process control

All processes from loading and frying to cooling and unloading are strictly automated and carried out according to a given profile. The computer memory is designed for 100 different profiles. The technologist selects a unique profile (enters the product heating parameters) and then the furnace works stably according to the program from batch to batch. All quantitative and graphical indicators are displayed on the touch screen. The operator has the ability to monitor in real time the graph showing the process of roasting nuts, as well as to promptly make changes and adjustments. One operator can serve up to 5 lines! All furnaces also have remote access to control the process outside the workshop.


The equipment is designed in such a way as to provide easy access to all internal parts of the oven, in which dust, husks and other foreign matter can accumulate. . . . It takes no more than 15 minutes to carry out the obligatory every - shift cleaning of the entire installation, including the air movement zones.


  • Power of electric heating elements 140 kW
  • Burner brand Elco VECTRON G 2.140
  • Burner power 80 - 140 kW
  • Gas connection Rp 3 / 4`
  • Gas inlet pressure mbar. 30 - 120
  • Natural gas consumption maximum 14 cubic meters m / hour
  • Average natural gas consumption is 10 cubic meters. m / hour
  • LPG consumption maximum 10.8 l / h
  • Liquefied gas consumption average 7.7 l / h
  • Power consumption of electricity 30 kW

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Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 30.11.2021

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